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How to Collect Federal Government N20,000 (Stipends) Cash Transfer

How to Collect Federal Government N20,000 (Stipends) Cash Transfer – Currently, the FGN has started out with the disbursing N5,000 to more than a million citizens all around Nigeria. This initiative came directly from the office of the President (His Excellency, General Muhammadu Buhari). Disbursement of these funds are being carried out under the order… Read More »

Trader Moni 2020/2021 Link (Code) Website and Application Form – Apply Now

Trader Moni 2020/2021 Link (Code) Website and Application Form – A lot of petty traders and artisans are looking for a way to register with the Trader Moni Scheme. The only issue is a lot of these traders and business owners do not know how to get to the trader moni website. The Federal Government… Read More »

Insurance and Your Car: How Does Insurance Companies Value Your Car?

It is easy for us to note that not all insurance companies value your cars. Yes, most especially when it is not an auto insurance firm, you cannot expect an insurance firm that covers for life or possibly building to start valuing your cars; thus, it is only an auto insurance company that place values… Read More »

Lies About Investing People Ignorantly Believe – How to Avoid Getting Caught Up

Investing is complete and fulfilling when there is an expected return if an investment doesn’t yield returns, then it can be considered as a failed investment. One important thing every investor must know and accept is that every type of investment comes with some level of risk. Considering the recent pandemic that has hit the… Read More »

FG Special Intervention Fund for MSMEs Upto N20m Collateral Free Loan

FGN Special Intervention Fund for MSMEs – This is an initiative of the Federal Government of Nigeria with the aim of providing financial assistance in form of loans to Micro, Small, and Medium Enterprises (MSMEs) with only an interest rate of 9% per annum. The special intervention fund was created to help improve the quality… Read More »

Trader Moni 2020 Application Form Receive Up N50,000 Free

Trader Moni 2020 Application Form Receive Up N50,000 Free – Trader Moni is an initiative sponsored by the administration of his excellency President Muhammadu Buhari. It is a free empowerment programme which gives cash loans to traders for free. These loans help traders in expanding their businesses. This scheme focuses on aiding petty traders to… Read More »

How Do Insurance Companies Investigate Claim? – Steps of Investigation

At this point, it is important to note that the investigation of claims differs in accordance to the exact insurance of which was bargained for; the claim at which a policy was done for life insurance will not be the same for that of an auto insurance, same with the landlord insurance and that of… Read More »

What Insurance Do I Need for Uber? – Insurance Coverage Uber

In most countries, before you can be allowed to be an Uber driver (in most companies Uber drivers are those drivers that deliver goods and services) you must have the necessary requirements as stipulated in the policy or constitution. And most of those requirements include: You must have a well-documented as well as comprehensive third-party… Read More »

7 Whys Behind Having More Male Billionaires Than Female Billionaires in Our World

Civilization has become a great foundation for gender equality. In most parts of the world, women have equal rights as men also do. This has helped encouraged females all over the world. Their morales to become whatever they want has been on an all-time increase since certain women have taken it as a responsibility to… Read More »