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Facebook Dark Mode Settings Android – How to Enable Facebook Dark Mode on Android | Facebook Dark Mode Set in Android

Dark Mode for Facebook users is now a theme that can be enabled to give your app a stunning user interface. Undeniably, Facebook Dark Mode is really trending at the moment and what it brings to the table makes it quite amazing to adopt. If you are familiar with Dark Mode or Night Mode theme… Read More »

Facebook on Games – Facebook for Games – Play Games on Facebook

Asides being a social media service and a search engine, Facebook is currently known as a platform that offers gaming services too. Games are a part of what we call “Recreation Activities” and video games are one of those things young people especially find to be really fun. If you’ve heard of the Facebook Gameroom… Read More »

Facebook Image Search – Image Search on Facebook – Facebook Image Search Engine

Facebook Image search – When making use of Facebook, it is important you look beyond just the fun you get from the social media platform it is. Facebook is counted as a search engine in the world today because it gives you output for every input entered (Garbage In, Garbage Out). Yes, FB has a… Read More »