Daily Archives: March 25, 2020

The Dangers of Requesting for a Loan When You Are Unemployed

Over the years, getting a loan has been one way through which people get along with their businesses, education, family, etc. One very beautiful thing about this is, loan application used to be done by just banks but currently, people can get loans online using online loan apps. Before taking a loan, there are things… Read More »

Understanding the Determinants of Insurance Premiums and How They Are Calculated

Are you aspiring to own an insurance organisation? Do you wish to know more about Insurance and premium? Has it come to you as a burden to know insurance premiums are been calculated? Have you ever thought about what is premium and how does getting the right premium help in elevating your insurance firm to… Read More »

The Pain VAT Creates on Insurance Claims

Generally, Insurance claims aren’t supposed to be subjected to tax but so many scholars have argued that insurance policies are supposed to be taxable, mostly those of them that involves cash payments. Fred A. Argued that Insurance policies are not supposed to be taxable, he gave this a story line in which there was a… Read More »