5 Ways To Discipline Your Kids – Is Spanking the Best?

By | April 26, 2018

Spanking your kids is not the best way to discipline them. This concept of child discipline is widely misunderstood in Africa but in Europe and North America, bans have been placed against this. There are several reasons why this is unacceptable. Children are very precious and should be treated as such. They also deserve respect from parents. As they say “Respect is reciprocal” and this is actually true in all cases.

5 Ways To Discipline Your KidsSo many parents and guardians do not understand this and is the cause of their misconception in child discipline. Am sure you are in a haste to know the 5 Ways To Discipline Your Kids but before I go on to the subject of the day, I just want to clarify you that every child deserves the following:

  • Love
  • Care
  • Respect

If you are a parent and you have been defaulting in these areas, it’s high time you take a new turn and focus on the values I just listed above. I promise they will do you a whole good and make you stand out as a great parent.

5 Ways To Discipline Your Kids

Discipline is a compass that helps one navigate his/her way in a particular path. It is a path that should be threaded upon if one seeks to achieve a desired result. Everything in life is governed by a principle and the consistent application of these principle is called “Discipline”. Without wasting much time, let me introduce you to the 5 Ways To Discipline Your Kids without spanking them:

  • Be the manual your children read because kids do a lot of learning from simply watching you the parent take certain actions.
  • Lay down rules which the family must abide by and create a conscious environment around it from their birth. Mind you, they must not be harsh rule.
  • Adopt disciplinary measures (grounding them is absolutely a great idea)
  • Report them to authorities in school they dread
  • Make them do chores they hate. Am certain it will pass a message.


These are very simple but powerful techniques you can adopt to discipline your kids. Am sure you also would want to know my take on spanking you kids.

Spanking Kids

This is absolutely unnecessary if you take my technique on the 5 Ways To Discipline Your Kids seriously. I do not advice anyone to spank his/her kids because some persons have taken this to the extreme. It has led to abuse of several kids all around the world. So, in order for you not to be counter as one who engages in child abuse, I advise you avoid this. The act of extreme spanking has led to:

  • Abuse and
  • Death of children

Please if you get anyone around you engaging in this act, don’t hesitate to call the person to order or report to the proper authorities. And also, do not starve your kids, it’s not a good disciplinary measure.


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