Abortion is simply the act of terminating an unwanted pregnancy. The most heart breaking thing is, it is becoming more common among teenagers than ever. Some of these victims of Abortion may never have a proper idea on the dangers of it. I appreciate the fact that most countries are fighting against it but more needs to be done in this area. This singular act has cost many their life’s and the most annoying part is that there is never a perfect procedure to carry it out. I know you will wonder why people are still going through the pain. Never to worry, lack of enlightenment is simply the cause. Why do something, when you are not ready for it.

AbortionChildren are gifts to the world and the act of terminating an innocent child who is about to come into the world is inhumane. Sometimes, even medical practitioners aid in the performance of Abortion. For crying out loud, these so called practitioners should be sanctioned by law with their licenses taken away from them. This is because, they know how dangerous this is but still yet, they go ahead to carry it out

Dangers of Abortion

People go around these days prescribing abortion pills and procedures. Some people think the pills especially are safe but they need to understand that anything which wasn’t designed to help the body system can have an adverse effect. These effects may not be acute but chronic. Teenagers especially are victims of this. Below are some of the Dangers of Abortion:

  • Loss of the womb
  • Infertility
  • Endless regret and depression
  • Loss of Life
  • Complications in the body system
  • Infections (Heavy Bleeding)
  • Guilty conscience

Funny enough, some people know about these things but they still continue. The fact they survived the first, second, and third time doesn’t mean the forth will be the same. Let us fight against this. It is not in any way promoting our society.

How Can Abortion Be Stopped

For some of you who find yourselves in nations fighting against over population, I know this process may just be your only option and that’s why am calling on the government to pass favorable law to guide this just in case anyone finds herself having undesired pregnancy. Currently, the fight against this act isn’t as strong as it should be. I call on WHO to push further in ensuring that it comes to a minimum. It can be stopped by adopting the following:

  • Public enlightenment on its danger
  • Pass strict law to prevent perpetrators from carrying out this act
  • Parental guidance and supervision
  • Building strong associations from High Schools to push a drive against it

I urge everyone reading this content to spread it because the more viral it goes, the more educated our society will become.


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