Advice for New Parents can’t be over emphasized because building a strong and happy home depends on it. Congratulations Mom and Dad, on your newborn champ. Actually, parenting is not just bathing, dressing and breastfeeding. It goes far beyond that. It is proper culturing of your kids to be of relevance to the society. This is a very trying period and the truth is; as new parents, you both have to work as a team. Besides, it took two of you to make a baby and taking care of the baby isn’t an exemption. You both have to come together and work because, new born babies enjoy the company of someone they grow accustomed to. This is why most kids love to hang around their nannies. Though, I will advise you be your own nanny to your baby after delivery because it help for better bond. There is absolutely nothing wrong in taking a maternity leave.

Advice for New Parents

Advice for New Parents

These advice’s are not to excite you as a parent but to help you know you have responsibilities with necessity laid on you. Am going to be sharing with you on Advice for New Parents but in a systematic form to help you know your place. This is because, a mom and dad are the parents of a particular kid. So let’s look at the roles each of them play in the home when it comes to being a new parent.

New Dads – Your wife should not be doing all the work. You too can bath and rock your baby to sleep. As a father, let your wife know that you understand by also spending quality time with your wife and baby. It helps to build a strong bond in the family. Create a lovely family people will admire. The secret is love. Do not allow only your wife express all the love. Love is mutual and you are responsible for it in your home. Learn to bond with your child. You can sing to your baby; no matter how bad your voice is. No offense please!

New Moms – It is a beautiful thing to hold your baby in your arms but also, a stressful one too. Luckily, babies sleep a lot because they are too weak to do anything themselves. Then you should know why your baby is crying. Reasons are as follows: soiled diaper, hunger or when they are really uncomfortable.

My Advice for New parents in general are:

  • Enjoy these moments because they are very precious.
  • This is the period you can really bond with your child
  • Stay together because babies sense uneasiness too
  • Give your child all the love it needs now because later on, you may start begging for it.


Cherish and love your baby and act like it is the only thing you live for. Babies are beautiful, wonderful, in fact, children are like the best thing that ever happened to your marriage. Also, ask advice for new parents from experienced people like your parents because, they too know what they went through.

In the end, never forget God. He is the author and finisher of your faith. Ask him for guidance because he gave you the child and he wouldn’t give you something you can’t handle.

Be happy, be a parent, congratulations once again.



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