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Mangento Overview – All You Need to Know About Mangento | Mangento Features

Mangento is an e-commerce open-source platform created using the Zend framework. Mangento was written in PHP and released on the 31st March, 2008. Mangento is an Adobe company and was first developed by Varien Inc. as a Content Management System and shopping cart software. Mangento has aided the creation of over hundreds of thousands of… Read More »

Complete 3ds Max Review – Features of 3ds Max

Game developers create games and their visualization using different software. You can create a game world having different characters, maps, structure, texture, etc. and also add some effects to it to look perfect. All these can become a reality if you have the Autodesk 3ds Max right on your Personal Computer. Commercial studios, movie studios… Read More »

PHPMyAdmin Review – How to install PHPMyAdmin | Features of PHPMyAdmin

PHPMyAdmin is a free open source written in PHP mainly and JavaScript. PHPMyAdmin is an administrative tool for MySQL and is fast becoming one of the most popular MySQL administrative tools, PHPMyAdmin was first released on the 8th of September, 1998. PHPMyAdmin is available in 79 different languages and was written by Tobias Ratschiller later… Read More »

Drupal Review – How to Use Drupal | Features of Drupal

Drupal is an open-source content management system used for making advanced applications with an easy to use interface thanks to Drupal’s previews. Drupal with the addition of pre-view becomes a CMS that is quite close to becoming a visual programming system. Drupal helps manage relatively large contents and with it’s easy to understand features and… Read More »

Bootstrap Review – Features of Bootstrap | How to use Bootstrap

Bootstrap is an open-source CSS first developed by Twitter, Bootstrap is arguably among the best framework hosts used for developing carious contents and creating complex websites using object-oriented programs. Bootstrap has continued to undergo changes time after time which has both improved its output and popularity in the CMS market space. Bootstrap continues to grow… Read More »

WordPress Review – Features of WordPress | How to use WordPress

WordPress allows you to add any function to a website thanks to its host of various functions, template system (themes) which allows you the power to manipulate and create beautiful/ingenuous responsive designs for any device (Operating System) with ease and efficiency. WordPress easy to understand and navigate layout gives regular none programming clients the ability… Read More »

MongoDB Review – Features of MongoDB | MongoDB for Giant Ideas

SQL being a programming language for programming and organizing data detained in Relational Database Management System (RDBMS), or for processing of stream in the Relational Data Stream Management System (RDSMS) have an alternative such as NoSQL database which is a relative model. Furthermore, MongoDB which is also categorized as a NoSQL database program has a… Read More »