Baby Health is the proper conditioning of a baby’s physical state. All babies deserve to be in great health and shape. Denial of this, leads to adverse effects on their health and physical state. Parents should not take this likely in any way because, a healthier children precedes a healthier world. I talked about the state of well-being in one of my articles which I discussed on the distinct states namely:

  • Physical State
  • Mental State
  • Emotional State

Baby HealthParents have wrong attitudes towards their babies being in perfect health. As said, attitude is 100% which means, Baby Care of 80% isn’t acceptable. Be cautioned here because bathing, brushing and dressing is not all there is. Note, they are important and should be considered but just need you to know it goes beyond that.

Challenges Associated with Poor Baby Health

Babies or infants as they may be called have distinct health related problems compared to teens and adults. If you have ever raised a child, you know what am talking about. Like I always say “babies are fragile” and are affected by things easily. They are several health challenges associated with Baby Health and they include:

  • Improper care
  • Wrong application of medication
  • Poor enlightenment on child care
  • Ignorance
  • Inexperience in child care

As simple as they may sound, they have caused a lot of detriment to child health.

Common Health Issues With Infants

Even without being a parent, I know you have an idea on some of these health issues am going to be listing below. If you pay attention to things happening around you a lot, am sure they will not be strange to you. They are:

  • Cold – This leads to cough and catarrh. caused by exposure to cold weather
  • Rashes – Caused by heat and makes babies uncomfortable
  • Teething – This is the stage in which babies start growing teeth. It is a very painful and uncomfortable stage for them
  • Eczema- It is a skin reaction which comes with undesired change in baby skin tone
  • Weight loss –  Caused by inappropriate diets and excessive stools
  • Stools – Continues released of excreta
  • Vomiting – Caused by allergies or over eating
  • Allergies – Reaction to things their body systems can’t stand and this includes food

Every good parent has to learn about what ensures  Health is in order to maintain a healthy home.

Remedies to Ensure Baby Is Healthy

The remedies to ensure baby is healthy are:

  • See a pediatrician when you notice anything unusual with your baby
  • Take proper care of them by adopting Baby Care measures
  • Make sure your environment is clean
  • Avoid conclusions
  • Vaccinate your baby
  • Treat them according to the prescriptions given to you (Don’t make this mistake)

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