Being a Cool Parent – Parenting 101

By | April 21, 2018

Being a Cool Parent is a kind of parenting which revolves around understanding. From the beginning of time, the world has been in an endless dynamic state. I could guess what is currently on your mind when I say “Parenting with Swag” but not to worry, you are not the first. The issue with parenting is that most parents are not flexible. They are just too stiff for their kids to understand.

Being a Cool ParentThis is even worse when you have a teenage kid because, this stage in the life of any human is delicate. Reasons being:

  • Curiosity level heightens
  • A lot of peer pressure comes on
  • They need someone to confide in

Never to worry, you can overcome this as a parent if you will pay rapt attention to what am about to share with you. It is expedient that all parents come to the realization that life is in phases as men are in sizes. I know your personal upbringing as a parent may have affected your response to your own kids but don’t be sad. There is always room for change and improvement.

Tips for Being a Cool Parent

Yes, this is cool parents’ class 101. I can preserve your heightened interest in what am about to share with you. But note that it is the right application of these tips that will make the difference. For those of you who find it hard to be close with your kids, your solution just arrived. These are the tips for Being a Cool Parent:

  • Make your children comfortable around you
  • Help them realize you understand them no matter what they say or may be going through.
  • Give them listening ears at all times
  • Correct them with love anytime they default
  • Flow with the trends of their present generation (With this they will be so much in love with you and can proudly discuss you with their friends)
  • See only the good in them
  • Admire them if no one does (This can be the greatest gift to them every day)
  • Help them build confidence in themselves
  • Teach them about life’s good and bad before any of their peers does (It is going to save you a lot of trouble)
  • Enlighten them about the consequences of the actions they may want to take
  • Never despise them no matter what
  • Play with them and do what they love best with them (It’s going to keep your swag up)
  • Seek their opinion when you want to take certain actions (It will make them feel very valuable)
  • Do not compare them with other kids (it will make them think less of themselves)
  • Forgive easily and ask for their forgiveness when you sense you’ve hurt them


I definitely know that Being a Cool Parent isn’t an easy task but I am so sure you will conquer. Just believe in yourself, you will overcome. Add more swag to your everyday rolls with your kids and you will be the most priceless thing to them. Desire connection with them and you will win in your parenting journey.


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