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Biological Parents are simply your Birth Parents who gave birth to an individual. The genetic connection links both parent and child together . Do not underestimate the power of parenting by birth. it certainly means the world to persons like me.

Biological ParentsAm not exaggerating in any sense because, I just wanted you to know how it feels to look a parent in the eye and all you can imagine is how blessed you are. Probably, some persons grew up having step parents or foster parents as the case may be. All that matters is the love and care from a parent. If the child isn’t your child biologically, treat him/her like they were. Every child is your child and birth is not an excuse and that’s a fact! The truth is, being a biological parent doesn’t qualify one to be great in parenting. It simply reveals that everyone has the capability of producing a seed and I mean everyone.

Attributes Biological Parents Should Possess

Now, on the attributes of Biological Parents. For those who do not know their Birth Parents, I honestly sympathize with you. Mind you, step parents and foster parents can even be more to a child than his Biological Parents. kids sometime get abused by persons who are not their Birth Parents. This can lead to them growing up with the wrong mindset and it is dangerous to the society. Now, let’s look at the attributes Biological Parents need.

  • Humility towards their kids
  • Hostility
  • Love and Care
  • Understanding
  • Knowledge in training
  • Receptive attitude
  • Dependability
  • Courage

Note: The composition of a child is gotten from his biological parents. Scientifically, it has been proven that every individual is made up of 46 chromosomes (23 from each parent). This mix makes prediction and identification of parents possible. It is the reason you can see a child’s characteristics (facial appearance, mode of communication, posture, manner of approach, height, complexion, behavior etc.)  And have an idea who his/her parents are.

Use of DNA Test in Paternity Identification

Knowing the Biological Parents of a child is more accurate now than ever. This is where DNA Test comes in for identifying biological link between parent and child using DNA profiling. Currently, it is the most accurate means for determination of parent and child. It is 99.9% accurate and is a huge advancement in the tech world. This test can be carried out with the following sample:

  • Fingerprint
  • Hair strand
  • Nails
  • Blood

Any of the above will perfectly do for the DNA Test. Trust me.

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Stay blessed!

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