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Domestic Violence – Family Violence – Stop Domestic Violence

Domestic Violence is simply an abuse on another individual in an environment. It has undeniably been seen in homes and not just the environment (Family abuse). This is a very unacceptable act and can be characterized in different from like: Spouse or Partner Violence Child violence (Abuse) General assault In a family, it is very… Read More »

Mother’s Day – Mother’s Month – Celebrating Mothers

In honor to our adorable and loving mothers I would love to say a Happy Mother’s Month. Mother’s Day is celebrated at different times in different parts of the world. The day set aside may be restricted to a country, region or religious group. Most importantly, it all gravitates toward celebrating motherhood. In this month… Read More »

5 Ways To Discipline Your Kids – Is Spanking the Best?

Spanking your kids is not the best way to discipline them. This concept of child discipline is widely misunderstood in Africa but in Europe and North America, bans have been placed against this. There are several reasons why this is unacceptable. Children are very precious and should be treated as such. They also deserve respect… Read More »

Biological Parents – Birth Parents – DNA Test

Biological Parents are simply your Birth Parents who gave birth to an individual. The genetic connection links both parent and child together . Do not underestimate the power of parenting by birth. it certainly means the world to persons like me. Am not exaggerating in any sense because, I just wanted you to know how… Read More »

Teen Parenting – Challenges with Teen Parenting

Teen Parenting is a very important topic in the aspect of parenting. Most teen parents need rehabilitation right now in their life because of their circumstance. I sincerely ask they should not in any way be condemn. They are still humans like you and I. The fact they got into this is not a reason… Read More »

Step Parenting – Step Parents and Roles

Step Parenting is one of the most challenging types of parenting. Coming into an already-made family is very difficult (especially if the children are teenagers). But still, people have gone through this before and are still alive so, you should survive too. Allow me recommend this movie “INSTANT MOM”. Here, Steph is a mom with… Read More »