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Facebook as Dating Site – Free Dating Online Facebook | Facebook Dating Site Free

Facebook is a very popular social media platform that can be used for a lot of activities and most of these activities that can be done on Facebook are free. Facebook is a social media platform that allows you meet new people and make friends, Facebook also gives you a platform where you can buy… Read More »

Dating on Facebook App – Download Dating App Facebook | Facebook Dating App Feature

Dating on Facebook App – Facebook is a well-known social media platform that has a lot of features and services to offer its users, one of the best parts of Facebook is that most of these features and services are offered for free. With Facebook, you can enter the Facebook marketplace to buy or sell… Read More »

Birthday Ideas for Husband – Unique Birthday Ideas for Your Husband | Different Birthday Ideas for Husband

Birthday ideas for husbands are ideas for birthday for adult married men, birthday celebrations are a trend since the beginning of time, wives or spouses celebrate their husband’s birthday celebration these celebrations are done with different kinds of celebrations. Wives can show their celebrations in different manners. Birthdays are a sign of maturity and getting… Read More »

jQuery Review – Advantages of jQuery | Getting Started with jQuery

jQuery is a JavaScript library that is fast and concise in simplifying HTML documents, Ajax interaction for web development and event handling. To change the way, we write JavaScript we use jQuery. It is an amazing JavaScript framework, mostly use in every project work. Itbus one of the fastest programming tools, very simple and website… Read More »

Apache HTTP Review – Features of Apache HTTP | How to Download and Install Apache HTTP Server

There are things that make up the internet like the website which is been connected with a web server. The web server has so many functions on the website as it works as an intermediary between the client machines and the server. There are different types of web servers in the world like NGINX, Apache,… Read More »

Dropbox Review – How to Start Using Dropbox | Benefits of Dropbox | Uniqueness of Dropbox

According to Wiktionary, it simply means a box wherein objects can be deposited by oneself later collection by another. In computing, a computer folder to which files may be dragged and dropped from which users of other computers on the network can easily access those files. Dropbox is a popular file storage service hosted and… Read More »

Redis Review – Features of Redis Server | How to Download and Install Redis Server on Windows

Redis is an in-memory key value database and data structure store which is being used as a database and message broker. Different types of abstract data structures are been supported by this powerful database called Redis like maps, sorted sets, hyperlogslogs, bitmaps and so much more. The name is kind of like an acronym which… Read More »

Docker Review – Features of Docker | How to Download and Install Docker on Windows

Docker is a group of Platform as a Service that uses Operating System Level Virtualization to package applications in containers. The packages called containers can be distinguished from each other based on their contents which could be libraries, configuration files, and software. The docker service can be used in managing your applications and infrastructure. Docker… Read More »