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eBay Online Store| How to Setup a Business on eBay

eBay Online Store is a marketing opportunity initiated by eBay to assist you in marketing you products on the eBay platform where you can get millions of prospective buyers. This eCommerce solution provides users with great branding and marketing features. These tools (features) passes a positive messenger to your customers that makes them more interested… Read More »

Baby Shower Ideas |Baby Shower Games, Gifts, and Decorations | Making a Diaper Cake

Baby Shower is a celebration done my parents (Ladies is quote) in anticipation of their babies. This is now a common trend in our world today. Most persons are familiar with bridal shower but run out of ideas when it comes to baby shower. Baby Shower Ideas require creativity to make it a blast. Am… Read More »

Breastfeeding – How Long Should Breastfeeding Take?

Breastfeeding is the act of feeding babies with natural milk from a woman’s breast. It can otherwise be known as “Nursing”. Firstly, who is a Nurse? She is the woman (mother) of the child or baby who engages in Breastfeeding. Not because she wants to, but because she has to. One of the major problems… Read More »

Miscarriage – Causes of Miscarriage – How to Prevent Miscarriage

Miscarriage is the extirpation of pregnancy which happens spontaneously due to fetus loss before the pregnancy is 4 months and 2 weeks old. This is because, during this 20 weeks period, the fetus is still in the formation process and hasn’t really gained any solid form. Now note, it isn’t something that happens on purpose.… Read More »

Mother’s Day – Mother’s Month – Celebrating Mothers

In honor to our adorable and loving mothers I would love to say a Happy Mother’s Month. Mother’s Day is celebrated at different times in different parts of the world. The day set aside may be restricted to a country, region or religious group. Most importantly, it all gravitates toward celebrating motherhood. In this month… Read More »

Kids – About Kids – Growth and Age Ranges of Kids

Kids have been defined uniquely by various versions of the English dictionary for example; the oxford dictionary define kids as; “a child or a young person” while the Merriam Webster dictionary defined kid as; “a young person”. Personally I define kid as a young human being who is not capable of taking care of his… Read More »

Pregnancy Symptoms – Early Pregnancy Signs

Do you think you are pregnant? The only ways to determine pregnancy is through pregnancy tests and ultrasound by then you must have been noticing some early pregnancy signs but here are other signs and symptoms of pregnancy to look out for: The earliest pregnancy signs are more than just missed periods. But these signs… Read More »