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Email Marketing – Email Marketing Services | Email Marketing for Beginners (How to Do Email Marketing)

Email marketing has been in existence and for a good purpose. It’s the most explicit and productive approach to connecting with your leads, taking care of them, and making them customers, constantly taking over every other marketing channel. This article will guide you on how to set up your email marketing funnel in order for… Read More »

Instagram Dark Mode – How to Enable Night Mode on the Instagram App (Android & iOS) | Instagram Dark Mode Android

Instagram dark mode can help save your phone power (as revealed by Google research), it is comfortable on the eyes during the night, the contrast can make the text more comfortable to read and it just looks cool. Developers have been trying to update their apps with new color schemes in the past few months… Read More »

Facebook Image Search – Image Search on Facebook – Facebook Image Search Engine

Facebook Image search – When making use of Facebook, it is important you look beyond just the fun you get from the social media platform it is. Facebook is counted as a search engine in the world today because it gives you output for every input entered (Garbage In, Garbage Out). Yes, FB has a… Read More »

Facebook Night Mode Settings – How to Activate Facebook Night Mode Settings for Android and iOS 2020 | Facebook Night Mode

Facebook Night Mode Settings – This distinguished setting was creatively designed by Facebook as an attribute which makes user experience on FB top-notch. Although, lots of messenger apps and social media apps have adopted this feature to their platforms. One thing the Night Mode is known for is “Beauty”. That is, it gives the application… Read More »

Facebook Dark Mode – How to Enable Dark Mode in Facebook 2020 | Facebook Night Mode Settings

The first introduction of the Dark Mode or Night Mode as it’s also called was done by Apple for their OS. The eyes are very sensitive to light and even medical practitioners advise individuals on how much of light rays they should allow into their eyes. Look at this, your smartphones and personal computers have… Read More »

Facebook Night Mode – How to Enable Facebook Night Mode 2020 | Dark Mode Facebook Settings

Since Apple launched the Dark Mode for its OS, its feature started emerging on other different apps. The purpose of Dark Mode’s popularity is pretty upfront. It makes it more stress-free for you to benefit from your best apps at night because the mode darkens the screen and tones down colors. The advantage of the… Read More »

Opera Mini Free Download – Opera Mini Download iOS & Android | Download Latest Opera Mini Version

Opera Mini Free Download – Opera Mini is known to be a web browser developed by Opera software. It is a free web browser that has been used over the years and its services are of no doubt great. Just like other web browsers you know, Opera Mini doesn’t in any way function differently. We… Read More »

Download Okash Loan App – Okash Loans App | Okash Loan App Download | Okash Personal Loan APP

OKash personal loan app is a mobile app that offers users access to short-term loans at their fingertips. It was initially integrated into Opay mobile app. OKash was first launched in Kenya but extended to Nigeria and India. However, OKash Loan app in Nigeria permits Nigerians to request personal loans in seconds without indemnity. The… Read More »