Child Birth is currently on the rise in the world. For those living in continents like; Asia and Africa, it is evident that the rate at which individuals give birth is increasing daily. For countries like China with a population of more than a billion, it is of no doubt that certain laws have been passed on child bearing. Now, this is not to say that Child Birth is bad.

Child Birth There are distinct problems related to this. One beautiful thing about giving birth is the joy you get as a parent. Although, because for some it happened as a mistake, they don’t understand this. For one more moment, I ask that our mothers be celebrated. This is because, you just can’t imagine the pain of going through this for nine month. They are just a huge blessing.

Issues with Child Birth

As beautiful as it sounds, Child Birth has its own challenges. It is truly of great benefits that people understand what this is about. Some see it as just a form of bringing another individual into the world. I promise you it is not. For me, I see it as an avenue for greater productivity. Now, allow me brief you on the challenges (issues) facing Child Birth. These are:

  • Over population
  • Rise in depletion of resources
  • Unwanted Pregnancy
  • Laws


These are just the basic challenges in Giving Birth and let me give you the reasons why:

  • Over population is attached to the rise in resource depletion. The more the population, the greater the need for resources will increase.
  • Most person’s especial teens, face the problems of parenting too young. For some of them, they become devastated. This makes them have less love for their kids.
  • In a country like China, laws have been pass to reduce the rate of Child Birth. This becomes a huge problem for does who desire to give birth more than the stipulated amount passed by law.

Am sure you can now see that giving birth entails more than you actually think.

Responsibilities of Parents in Child Birth

Parents have a major role to play in child bearing. It is because, they are the ones most at times who make a decision to go along this path. You can read my articles on Pregnancy to help you understand the beginning stages in this path. It is the responsibility of parents to plan towards this time. These are therefore the responsibilities of parents in Child Birth:


These, constitutes the factors that help the children come into the society as a responsible children.

Mind you, do not see giving birth as something bad. Just learn to take responsibility whether it was planned to happen or not. Express love in all that you do as a parent. And that’s why we at Momsall are solely interest in building love in every home.

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You matter!

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