Child Care is undoubtedly the most important accept of taking care of children. These little creatures are very precious. If not taken care of properly will have health effects which sometimes causes the child’s life. It is very common in the world today that; mothers play the key role in Child Care. Fathers are interested in providing the monetary equivalent of the care. As a care giver, it is of vital essence to see your child as a fragile creatures. Just like an egg if not handle properly can get broken.

Child CareIn certain parts of the world, Africa to be precised, have issues in this area. Children suffer from ailment like; polio, malaria, and typhoid. This happens as a result of poor health care and unhealthy environments in which they live.

Allow me enlighten you on the care procedures to adopt in order to have a healthy child.

Child Care Procedures

Taking good care of children should not be taken likely. This is because, they are the future and no future holds without a healthy generation. There are things which have to be considered when we look at child care. These things may sound very easy but their implementation is what matters. To see that our kids are in good health, we have to consider doing the following:

  • Creating and maintaining a healthy environment.
  • Taking personal hygiene into consideration. It is advisable to brush their teeth twice a day. Bathing is also mandatory and should be done at most three times daily.
  • Dress your child up to suite the appropriate weather condition
  • Never allow your child play in environments and conditions that are unfavorable.
  • Make sure you use sterilized objects to take care of things like their nails and hair.
  • Treat their injuries as soon as you find out, with care and clean implements. If it is severe, take them to the hospital.
  • Contact their pediatrician as soon as you notice any symptom of illness.

Consistent sanitation can’t be over emphasized if you desire your kids to be healthy. This is because, children move towards whatever picks their interest. In the sense that, they can pick up anything without asking. And as you know, germs are everywhere. I will advise all parents and adults to treat every child in the same manner. Child Care isn’t just for parents but for the entire public to partake in.

State of Well-Being

In Child Care, it is imperative that we consider the state of total well-being of every child. Most at times, people think this is all about health care. News flash, it goes beyond that. Not only for kids but also for teenagers and adults. The following are states of well-being to be considered in care giving:

  • Physical well-being
  • Emotional well-being
  • Mental well-being

When all these are meticulously looked at, and a balance is stroke, then you as an individual (child, teenager, adult) is a state of total well-being. Am sure most of you can relate with this.

  • Physical Well-Being – This is what I discussed in the second header. It deals with health and health care and cannot be ignored.
  • Emotional Well-Being – Emotions are very powerful and they control the every action of a person. If a child, teen or adult is emotionally unstable, his/her performance rate deprecates. This is because you can’t get much of anything in life without a healthy mind. But the good news is, there are books and programs for all age grades to help in this aspect. Look for that which you can easily reach around you.
  • Mental Well-Being – It is a stabilization in the intellect of an individual. It shouldn’t be tempered with because a lot of things revolve around your mental programming.


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