Child Growth – Child Development – What Does It Entail?

Child Growth

The growth of a child refers to the overall development of that child physically, academically, socially, morally, mentally and spiritually. From when a baby is born until the very hour of that person’s life, some sort of growth continues to take place.  Growth takes place between the ages of 0-18 years of a child life is seen as the child’s growth; after then the child is now referred to as an adult.

Child Growth

There are different things which come to play in the total development of a child and these are as follows:

  • Physical Growth

    One of the most obvious growths we see in a human’s life is the physical growth. From when the kid is a baby, physical growth begins as systems in his/her body begins to develop fast. The fastest growth in a child happens during this stage of 0-2 years old. From then the child’s growth speed reduces and stabilizes to an average of 6cm per year until adolescence. At the adolescence stage, the child witnessed another significant growth and change pattern in his/her body. During this period the child’s body changes drastically to that of a young adult; this period is known as puberty. Puberty includes such as development of breasts in girls, hair growth in pubic areas in both, facial hair in boys, overall increase in body mass for both, mensuration in girls etc.

    • Puberty comes between the ages of 12-15 in girls and 13-16 in boys and spans over an average period of 2-5 years. Whatever physical change that occurs in the child during this phase lasts for a long time before another significant change is noticed.

  • Academic Growth

    This involves development of your child’s IQ right from infancy stage till when it is fact that learning never stops. Children, especially infants and toddlers are very observant. At that stage of infancy, children learn the fastest; things they see with their eyes, hear with their ears, touch with their hands are important to their overall development as a child. This is why it is important parents equip their child’s everyday life with things that boost the activities of the child’s brain. It is also important the child sustain healthy and balanced diets. When the child has come of age, it is essential the child is enrolled in a pre- kindergarten program, where the child can grow his/her arithmetic, listening and comprehensive skills.

  • Also, writing and identification of letter and words and their art and motor skills too. From then on, the child furthers on to kindergarten, then elementary school, then junior high, then high school, then the universities or colleges, then higher institutions.
  • Social Growth

    A child’s social growth begins from his/her interactions with intimate family members; from his/her parents, to siblings, guardians, friends, neighbors etc. It is important the child has a healthy social life. A child’s social personality is honed from interactions with others. No child should live in isolation or be exposed to the wrong type of social interactions. Knowledge of your child’s type of social character as either the extrovert, introvert or, recently acclaimed, ambivert, is important in dealing with that child’s issues and problems and also with the child building long lasting healthy relationships with other people.

  • Morally and Mentally Growth

    A child’s morality is being engraved into that child from the early stages of the child development. Parents should imbibe in their children the value of knowing what is right or wrong from an early stage. A child moral growth can be affected by the things he/she see around them. Values uplifted and neglected by family and society around the child, creates the child’s moral character. This in turn forms what kind of person that child will be in the future. Mental health of a child is also of utmost importance. Apart from sickness that may affect the child mental health, it is important that children are not exposed to bizarre and traumatic experiences which could forever scar their mental state.

  • Spiritual Growth

    A child’s spiritual growth which is an important part of a humans existence, should not be ignored. It is advisable that the parents’ culture their children in the way of their own religion as a child might not have the power to choose for his/herself yet. When the child comes of legal age, that child can now choose in whatever direction that befits the child.

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