All parents appreciate Cool Toys and am about to give you insight on this.

Hello parents, I know you may be thinking of getting several new toys for your kids. For you parents who may be really busy and spend time thinking about what you can hock your kids up with to keep them busy.

Today we have millions of toys and the confusion comes in when you come across several cool toys by magnificent toy makers like;

  • Lego
  • Mattel
  • Nintendo
  • Hasbro
  • Nerf
  • Agglo
  • MEGA bloks

The list just continues. These are the top toy companies in the world. When advising parents on toys, I always tell them to get toys based on the personalities of their kids. As a parent, it is quiet true for me to say that ‘you know your kid more than just anyone’.

How to Choose Cool Toys

Your child may be a boy or a girl and may be attracted to things  like;

  • Colors
  • Texture
  • Figures

This makes it easy for you to know the right toys for your kids. There are several classes of toys like; dolls, action figures, puzzles, mechanical toys, puppetry etc. So check out for these when you are about to get a toy for your kid. But before I end this, let me give you directions on how you can get cool Toys.

Action Figures

I recommend Lego, Nintendo and Mattle for this category. Get latest action toys for your male kids as males are mostly attracted to action figures. These awesome toys includes;

Cool ToysCool ToysCool Toys


Females kids often admire this more than male kids. And in this case I recommend Agglo dolls and Disney toys. Their dolls are designed to be next best friends for female kids. Check this ones out.

Cool ToysCool Toys


For me, I will say puzzles are the best for kid’s mental agility as it gives them opportunities to discover how things should be put in the appropriate way.

Cool ToysCool Toys


Mechanical Toys

These are educational and give kids the insight on how things are down and should be used. Do not worry because they are safe to use.

Cool ToysCool Toys

I suggest gender should be considered while purchasing some of these toys so you don’t fall in the trap of get things for your kids they would not like or appreciate. This is a bitter truth but should be put into consideration. I know have been of help to you on this issue of Cool Toys. Watch out for more


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