Domestic Violence – Family Violence – Stop Domestic Violence

Domestic Violence is simply an abuse on another individual in an environment. It has undeniably been seen in homes and not just the environment (Family abuse). This is a very unacceptable act and can be characterized in different from like:

  • Spouse or Partner Violence
  • Child violence (Abuse)
  • General assault

Domestic ViolenceIn a family, it is very important that the parents of the home are against this. Because, if they aren’t they will promote it even without them knowing. Today in the world, you hear of things like; rape, indiscriminate beating, sexual abuse, genital mutilation of females. All these are practices of Domestic Violence. The most annoying here is the indiscriminate killing of individual without any feelings whatsoever.

In religious society you get to hear things like:

  • Beating to death for an offence committed
  • Burning to death
  • Endless torture which leads to death
  • Stoning to death

All for one religious belief or the other which isn’t right. All humans have feeling you know, and it is said, “do unto others as you except them to do unto you”.  It is quite simple but a very powerful saying

Family Violence (Domestic Violence)

In the family today, Domestic Violence has taken an all-time high. Most cases we hear about this subject started from the home. The home is like a cell which is the basic structural and functional unit of an organism. In this case, the home is the basic structural and functional unit of the society. 95% of the things happening in our society today is a result of information gotten from the home. How do you think a child will function in the society when he grew up always seeing his Dad beating up his Mom? He definitely would think it’s the right thing to do. And for a female child, she will grow up thinking all men are violent. This may affect her relationships with males in time to come. This can affect;

  • Emotionally
  • Psychologically
  • Physically

Most often, they will need to go through intensive therapy to recover from this and it can take a long time. But with the right information, it can be conquered

Let’s put a stop to this. It isn’t making our society a healthy place to live in.

I have seen cases where people deliberately pour concentrated acid on their fellow human just because of an unresolved issue. It wasn’t a sight to behold and if you are well educated about the capability of acid, you should know what am talking about.

We Say “No” to Domestic and Family Violence

We at Moms’ All today call on the government of ever nation to do the follow in order to ensure this comes to a minimum.

  • Push a drive against Domestic and Family Violence
  • Public enlightenment on the dangers
  • Passing of strict laws which will make individual put an end to it

With these, we and be assured of a Domestic Violence free society.

One thing that hurts us at Moms’ All the most is seeing children being victims of this act. Child abuse is a case study which need to be looked into. Like I always say “every child is precious”.

Kindly share this post. You may not be able to heal the world but with healing a person, you have contributed to healing the world.

We love and appreciate you. Leave your comments and opinions in the comment section below. We are pushing a drive and your presence is essential because the world gets to understand a matter when there is people power.

FOOD FOR THOUGHT– “Evil prevails where good men do nothing”

Have a blessed day!

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