Facebook Id (Identification) Numbers are numbers that are attached to users Facebook Profiles. Your personal contents on Facebook have an Id which shows users that particular content is identified with a particular user’s profile. You have an idea for anything you are engaged in on Facebook including; Groups and Pages. Finding your user id is very possible whether you have a username or not.

Facebook Id

How to Find Your Facebook Id

If you’ve created a Facebook account without a username, finding you Facebook User Id is pretty straight forward. Your Facebook Id is simply the URL in your Facebook Profile.
But if you have a username and you want to get your user Id all you need do is:
• Go to your Facebook Profile
• Locate your photo album
• Choose a photo
• In the URL, you will see your Facebook Id
NOTE: The numbers after the “Id” in your URL is your Facebook Identification Number.

How to Find Your Facebook Group Id and Page Id

You have an Id for every group and page you join on Facebook. Here is how you get your Group Id:
• Locate the group
• Your Group Id is found in your URL
This is how you get your Page Id:
• Locate the Facebook Page
• Get to the profile image of the page and right click on it
• Copy the link (The Id is found in the link)
The numbers after your Id is your Facebook Identification number and you need a Facebook Desktop Site to access these URLs.

Create Facebook Identification Card – Facebook Id Card App

You can generate your Facebook Identification Card by using some Identification Card creation App on your App Stores. You can search for your “Id Card Maker”. Some sites also do it but you should understand that these cards are not issued by Facebook.
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