Family is the smallest unit of any society. The can be seen as a cell and a cell is the smallest structural and functional unit of anything. This is the most important unit of the society because the growth and development of the society is dependent on it. No matter how one’s growing up was, he/she had a Family one way or the other. So being raised in a foster home doesn’t mean you did not have a family. The people you grow up around and those who raised you are your Family.


Family Categories

There are certain misconceptions in this area and I am committed to putting an end to them. In momsall, that’s what we do. I have classified this unit for you into three (3) categories namely:

  • Organized Families
  • Unorganized Families
  • Disorganized Families

Organized Families – These are families where every single member acknowledges their roles. Everything is done orderly. The parents know their responsibilities to their kids. This is the best and most peaceful kind of family.

Unorganized Families – This is the opposite of organized families. In this unit, every member has the mindset of doing things themselves. That is, everyone is self-centered.

Disorganized Families – This is the worst kind. There is always chaos (Fighting, quarreling etc.). Just full of problems.

Kinds of Families

Individual have come up with their thoughts on the kinds of families we have. If you search the web, you will find out several persons have their own opinion on this subject. For this reason, it is getting confusing for web visitors. There are majorly two kinds of families namely:

  • Nuclear Family
  • Extended Family

Nuclear Family – This is the simplest kind where there is a direct connection between the members of the Family. That is, Dad, Mum and Kids.

Extended Family – This is an extension of the Nuclear. It is the totality of all relatives including: grandparents, uncles, aunties, cousins, nephews and nieces.


Based on the worlds setting today, some other kinds of families include:

  • Step Families (Polygamous Families)
  • Childless Families
  • Single Parent Families

Relevance of the Family to the Society

As said earlier, this unit is the most relevant unit of a society. You may wonder how I mean but am serious. Take a look at what is happening around; the chaos and turmoil. You will observe that most of the persons constituting a nuisance in the society have faulty upbringings. Just do your research and you will see what am talking about. We say “children are the futures of tomorrow”. Nurture and build the futre. The proper programming of this future (children) make the world a better and safer place in which growth is inevitable.


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Bye! We love you.


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