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By | May 24, 2018

Family Planning is practice or technique adopted to monitor birth control. It has to do with decisions taken by a couple to draft out the number of kids they wish to give birth to and the interval at which they would be born. This is the most appropriate practice to maintain a sustainable society. Birth Control is the number problem affecting sustainability. The reason this is, is because over population leads to the following:

  • Continuous depletion of resources
  • Increase rate in production
  • More creation of infrastructure by the government

Family PlanningAll these simply means that demand will increase and the nation you may find yourself may just not have enough to meet these demands. In a continent like Asia where they have issues with overpopulation, Family Planning measures have been adopted by the government themselves. In China, no couple is expected to give birth to more than one child. If one defaults by giving birth to more than one, the other child or children belongs to the government.

It is expedient that couples sit down even before marriage and draft out plans for their dream family.


Today, we have marriage counselors and Family Planning services design to aid you in planning your home. There are several contraception methods applied to ensure couples give birth as proposed and at the stipulated time interval. But before we discuss on Contraception, I will like you to understand that the problem with Family Planning and Birth Control is ignorance and for that course, the following things need to be introduced;

  • Sexual Orientation
  • Preconception Counselling

The essence of these is to promote a healthier state. If planning for your home don’t take place it can endanger the structure of your family. Abortion isn’t a reasonable practice in Birth Control. Even the WHO is against it.

Contraception Methods

The World Health Organization approves some better methods for Family Planning and Birth Control. These methods are recommended and well accepted. They are healthier and safer methods. These Contraception Methods include:

  • Use of Condoms – This is the most common method in the world. Condoms helps not only in home planning and avoid pregnancy but also to prevent STDs. Instead of having unprotected sex with your partner which could lead to pregnancy, condoms are prefer to easily avoid it. Interestingly, there are both male and female condoms (Internal condoms).
  • Use of Contraceptive Pills – These are pills used by females after having unprotected sex with a partner. They are used immediately after intercourse to kill the sperm cell from the male and makes sure they have no reproductive effect.
  • Use of Vaginal Rings – These rings are positioned inside the vaginal of a female and acts as contraceptive.
  • Contraception Injection – It is similar to conceptive pills. But it is a contraception injection taken after sexual intercourse. It is known as the “Depo Provera Injection”
  • Contraceptive Implant – This implant is done on the arm of an individual. It helps to prevent pregnancy.
  • Permanent Contraception – This contraception method is for both male and female. It is called “Vasectomy” for males and “Tubal Ligation” for female. It is advisable for couples who wish not to give birth again. Good for Family Planning.


In having unprotected sexual intercourse, people feel withdrawal method is a better idea. But I don’t think so. It is not a sure method and trust me, mistakes could easily happen in the withdrawal process. So males especially, need to be warned about this.

Secondly, I would not advice any female to go for womb removal. It can be dangerous and also may lead to regrets. Yes I know you may be done with child bearing but still it isn’t so right. I once heard of a lady who had 3 grown up kids and decided to take out her womb without knowing that one day all her kids would be involved in a plane crash. So you see, this is why Moms’ All doesn’t encourage this.

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