Who Is The Girl Child?

The Girl Child is the female born child between the ages of 3- 21 years old. Until the girl child fully becomes legal, she remains under the custody of her parents and/or guardians. The girl child plays a very important role in the society. This imposed on her by nature, that of child bearing and nurturing.

Girl Child

The first person a newly born child gains any sort of knowledge of anything in this life from is the mother. On the grand scale of things, women are tasked primarily with the upbringing of children. Transferring whatever knowledge or wisdom they have unto their child. Thus, it is very important that the woman is brought up properly from her childhood days. To be equipped with the proper morals and values to be passed to her child in the future.

The Girl Child Discrimination

The Girl Child in African and the southern parts of Asia especially, has been made inferior. Considering the fact that women hold a larger percentage of the population of the world. You would expect that it would be the other way around.

Facts about Girl Child Discrimination

  • Through history and even in recent times, you can point out the non-subtlety in the actions of the society to dehumanize the Girl Child. To make her inferior to her counterpart in aspect of importance and priority.
  • In the world today, which can be rightly called a patriarch society, the male children are seen as more important.
  • The male child is treated with favors like better education opportunities, job offers and usually the leadership post. The Girl Child is neglected and disdained and not even offers proper education which is a basic amenity.
  • Even in trivial issues such as house chores, the girl child is still expected to bear the heavier cross. Matters like house chores, cleaning and cooking are seen as roles solely for the Girl child.

We have already established that the girl child is a pivotal figure in the overall development to the society. She is the one who nurtures and raises the children so therefore, she (the girl child) requires the best upbringing in all ramifications i.e. educationally, socially, mentally, morally and spiritually. But with all these been said and known by majority of the public and even the girl child herself, why does the act stand.

Cause of Girl Child Discrimination

Several enlightenment and empowerment programs have been set up to inform, educate and empower her of her rights. And also of her rightful place in society’s hierarchy but it seems the war is never over. The ideology of the girl child discrimination has been so craved in the society’s sub consciousness, that women in countries like Africa and India are even the very ones who inculcate these demeaning values of discrimination into the mentalities of their own girl children.

This notion is initially and executed by the men. The mothers in that society are the ones who now teach their female children to imbibe those actions, all in the name of teaching them how to act like women. They teach them to be quiet, not to speak too much, to be soft, not to be vulgar, to not just submit to their husbands but to serve them like masters; all these acts which stand to further dehumanize the girl child and decrease her overall value to the society.

Is ‘This’ Culture Important?

The girl child discrimination originates from various cultures around the world. This pride the existence of male children over the girl children. In these cultures, the girl child is not favored at all. she is seen as a sex tool, in others as a maid, in others basically just sin in flesh etc.. People imbibing these cultures have resulted in cases of early child marriage, child/sex trafficking, polygamy. To say the least, all of these which are the reason why these culture adherents are being enlightened to free the girl child form this oppression.