Google Kids is not an app or a special site for kids. It is means by which web safety is achieved by sites for the sake of kids. Although, I will like to suggest to Google to develop a special web world for kids which will be properly monitored. They are doing a great job based on their endless contributions to the world. The world is a global market in which people buy and sell what they want for audience to accept. It is very dangerous for kids to go through the web because they do not have a matured mind.

Google KidsThis makes decision making a hard task for them. But interestingly, sites have been able to provide safe platforms for kids. And I am very grateful to the owners of these sites for their initiative. These kind of sites include:

All these keep them occupied with things meant for their age grades.

Where the problem now lies is in parents following up on their children to make sure they only get on these sites. Children are smart and tend to accept just anything.

Google Kids Search

Like I said earlier, Google is doing a lot. Search on Google Kids and get referred to two very great sites powered by Google.

  • Safes Search Kids
  • Kiddle

Safe Search Kids – A site powder by Google recommended for kids

Kiddle – A kid’s search engine with contents written in simple language which kids can understand. I call it “Kids Google”

YouTube Kids

After creating a Google account for your kids they become legible to use the YouTube Kids App. This is a special app that gives your under 13 kids video which will help and educate them. It is very safe and till they pass the age “13” they can’t access the YouTube. You can set YouTube Kids using the YouTube settings.

Parental Guidance for the Web

Use parental guidance for your kids to access the web. And I mean good supervision. Adopted this methods to make sure your kids visit proper sites and do appropriate things on the web:

  • Restrict your kids from using electronic device without the presence of an adult.
  • Place computer systems and phones in open parts of the home were you can have good supervision over your kids.
  • Enlighten your kids on the use the internet and introduce them to things they can access.
  • Put a time limit in which they can access the net.
  • Adopt the use of Parent Control Software. This software puts a restriction to the contents kids can access on the web and a time frame for accessibility. For me, this is the best parental guide you can use. It just makes thing very easy because even when you are not around your kids, you are sure of their safety.


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