If I must say, Facebook Traffic is the most needed for your site or blog to grow. Facebook has more than 1 billion active users on it. Now ask yourself, how many of this 1 billion am I getting per day? You may just be getting 50 to 100 and still yet you think you have it all. This statistics is an eye-opener to show that you are no way near what Facebook offers. Facebook is the largest social media platform in the world and can help in growing just any business. It is the best platform for awareness about anything. It is so great that it can be referred to as a search engine.Facebook Traffic

Tips to Draw Millions of Traffic to your Blog/Site

The idea behind drawing traffic to your blog using Facebook is not a myth, it is a reality in the sense that if you ask people like Neil Patel, they can testify to it. This is how you can achieve it.

  • Knowing Your Targeted Audience – Knowing your targeted audience is what makes you a great business owner. Come on, you can’t sell diapers to bachelors or male wears to females. You must find your target market on Facebook. And that brings us to the second tip.
  • Join Facebook Groups – After knowing your audiences, use the search bar to find groups in which this your audience are. For instance, if you own a tech blog, then join tech groups. This would drive a lot of organic traffic to your site because it is actually what people want. Post your contents on the groups and please don’t do it too much so you don’t get in Facebook jail. These groups have thousands and sometimes millions of individuals on them. Do not join or post on groups that aren’t your targeted audience. Just like posting tech info on religious groups. You are going to be tagged as a spammer for that and FB will restrict you or block your account which could be trouble for you.
  • Create your own Facebook Group or Page – This is one sure way for people to identify you and keep coming back to you. Having your own Page or Group is like creating your own company on Facebook. It gives visitor confidence in your credibility because they know how to find you. And once you have people who are members of your group or follow your page, they get notified any time you drop a link. This is free traffic guys.Facebook Traffic 2018
  • Comment on Post related to your content – This is another form of organic traffic. Anytime you come across something similar to what you have on your blog, you can just leave a very insightful comment and drop your link with it. It will easily draw people to your blog. Also, you can sign up with blogs like Buzzfeed which use Facebook comments. They give you the option to not only comment on their site but also on FB.
  • Use Facebook Ads – Most persons pay to boost their contents and pages on Facebook but I have great news for you. Just create your own Facebook Ads and use it to grow your business. I have a detailed info on how to create your own Facebook Ads to grow your Business. Just follow the link.
  • Use Video – I once did a survey and found out that people are drawn to videos than write-ups. Videos are more engaging and can help people relate to the information you are trying to pass across easily. Not everyone wants to read a very long content. You can even stream live with your link attached to what you are streaming. It will draw lots of attention.



On your Facebook Profile, make sure you add the link to your site. It will also help you get organic traffic from people who view your profile.


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