The Pain VAT Creates on Insurance Claims

Generally, Insurance claims aren’t supposed to be subjected to tax but so many scholars have argued that insurance policies are supposed to be taxable, mostly those of them that involves cash payments. Fred A. Argued that Insurance policies are not supposed to be taxable, he gave this a story line in which there was a… Read More »

How to Become a Student Millionaire in One Semester

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Situations in Which Value Added Tax Can Be Added to Insurance

Over the years it has however been argued by different people if Value Added Tax (VAT) should affect insurance or not; these has led to numerous debates and most scholars has however given reasons as to why it should not be added. Despite these numerous argue, several researches was carried out to ascertain truly if… Read More »

How to Make Easy Money on Facebook Even in Your Sleep

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Funny Ways to Make Money from Covid 19 You Won’t Believe

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Secret Behind Key Man Life Insurance You Need to Know

This can also be referred to as Key Person Insurance of Keyman Insurance. It a form of business insurance that can be seen as an insurance policy that is entered into by a business to compensate the business in terms of Losses arising as a result of death or the incapacity of a prominent member… Read More »