Parenting Teens – How You Can Parent Teens with Ease

By | May 31, 2018

Parenting Teens can be very trying. Most times, teenagers tend to push you to the limit. It can be very overbearing especially when “Duh Mom” takes the place of “Okay Mom”, a time when eye rolling becomes a habit. It gets to a point where you actually wonder if you were once a teenager.

Parenting TeensYou know that feeling of “where’s my sweet baby girl” or rather “where did my baby disappear to?” Trust me, it can drive you crazy but here is one secret “BE CALM”. Teens think they know everything and try to live independently but right inside, they don’t have the slightest clue of what the outside world looks or feels like. They are passing through a stage called “PUBERTY” which comes with unnecessary mood swings, distractions, unending texts, party invites and so on.

Steps to Parenting Teens

Instead of getting too worked up, you can just follow these simple tips:

  • Understand them – They are premature but tend to behave like adults. You need to understand them in order to live with them. Grow with them don’t get jealous or annoyed when they choose hanging out with friends over you. It’s a stage. It will surely pass.
  • Respect their privacy – Disrupting privacy is one line you should certainly not cross. This is a thing you should respect. Yes you might feel the urge to always keep tabs on what they are doing but, DON’T. When they realize that you respect their privacy, they respect you even more, even if they don’t show it. The next time you notice or feel that something is odd, instead of being paranoid, you can simply advise them. You can simply say “I trust you enough to be sure that you know what you are doing, you are very smart and shouldn’t act otherwise”.
  • Ask for opinions – This is one aspect in Parenting Teens many parents still do not understand. Even though you are the parent or parents in the home, it is wrong to sideline them when making a decision. The truth is teens have quite a strange way of thinking you just may not understand. Decisions taken in the home without their opinions may lead to hurting them. These decisions may seem like the best for them but trust me, it is a bad idea for your teen children to start avoiding you. This is because they may begin getting wrong information from outside about things without asking you any question on that subject. So, always ask for their opinions as it is a sign of trust and acceptance.


Parenting Teens is sure the hardest parenting stage in the life of any parent. Your care for them at this stage matters. Do not make them afraid of you or afraid to seek for your cancel. Quite a lot is going through their mind at this time. But, if you can grow through this stage with them, I promise they would become good citizens. Show them care and love at all time. Do not segregate or accept them based on performance. It is very dangerous if you must know. In today’s world, lack of parental guide has led to case like:

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