Social Media – Social Protection for Children – Teenage grooming

By | May 23, 2018

Is Social Media actually good for Kids and Teens? Many people have their opinions on this. The truth is, Social Media platforms have both their advantages and disadvantages. Reason being, it has contributed to the growth of our society in the sense that, it is a technological advancement. It has increased awareness about things like;

  • Brands
  • Products
  • Recent happening all around the world

Social MediaThese platforms have helped people express themselves and has even helped in drawing audience to them. For some persons it has solved their problems as introverts and so on. Communication used to be very difficult before the arrival of these platforms. Mark Zuckerberg built Facebook and it gave room for others. Now, we can communicate with anyone around the world.  This has even helped in building strong connectivity and relationships all over the world.

The problem now is, how safe are these platforms? This question goes directly to everyone. Today, we see people post all sort of things online which can easy corrupt. Having Teens and Kids online is an issue.

Social Media For Kids and Teens

Like I said earlier, social media is a great advancement in the world and HAS contributed to bringing us into the digital age. One thing these Social Media platforms are still struggling with is security. Exposure to all sort of stuffs can be seen in these platforms. Of a truth, they are trying their best to monitor the activities of users but I don’t think that has been really effective. Children and teens need the right learning environment and they learn from what they see and hear. I commend Googles’ effort in trying to do this as they have created platforms like;

Ideas bring about innovations and our take on this issue is that platforms effectively monitor what Kids and Teenagers see online. And also the kinds of persons they get to meet and communicate with. In their communication, vague words should be restricted with the aid of some inbuilt monitoring programs. These Social Media platforms especially should hinge to this.

  • Facebook
  • Twitter
  • Instagram
  • Snapchat

Disadvantages of Social Media For Kids and Teens

Currently, it seems as though we have more demerits than merits. I came across an article in a newspaper about a teenage girl by name Gemma Ward who waived her right to anonymity after being groomed by a 34 year old Michael Wood when she was only 15 years old via Tweeter. What a very sad story on how she was emotionally blackmailed in her innocent state. She is currently, calling on people to push her drive to which is aimed at forcing Social media platforms to protect naive teenagers like her. And we at Moms’ All are giving her a voice by making sure her message is been passed. Her story actually inspired this content. We stand with her to say, “Teen and Kids deserve to be protected. Put a stop to;

  • Teenage/Child grooming and
  • Abuse

Kids and Teens have been abuse enough through meeting people on social platforms. In some part of the world, they have cases of kidnap also via this means.

We are not saying Social Media is evil, but we are calling on them to protect our future (children).

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