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How To Activate Free Facebook – Facebook Free Mode Settings |Go to Free Mode

Facebook Free Mode is a setting on Facebook which gives users the leverage to use Facebook without internet bandwidth. Facebook’s aim behind this kind of settings is to allow users to access their platform without any excuse. Although, the FB Free Mode denies users access to just one thing which is “Media”. Media includes: ⦁… Read More »

Free Mode – Facebook Free Mode | Facebook Free Mode Settings

One great privilege Facebook has given users is the ability to gain access to their platform any day, any time, any where for free. This is amazing in the sense that everyone on Facebook can enjoy FB without data. There are two kinds of modes on FB and they are: Free Mode Data Mode Facebook… Read More »

Facebook Download – Facebook Download App | Facebook Download Application

Facebook Download can only be done on mobile devices like; Android and IOS devices. This comes with all the Facebook features and presents to you a more beautiful Facebook theme. Facebook Mobile App makes it easier for you to access your Facebook account at all times. Reason being that, once you download and install the… Read More »

Facebook Zero – How to Switch from Data Mode to Free Mode on Facebook

Facebook Zero otherwise known as Facebook Free Mode is Facebook’s Text-Only version which helps users make use the platform without any bandwidth or data charge. FB does this by collaborating with social networking service providers. This is helping individuals come online even if they don’t have data. The different between FB Zero and Data Mode… Read More »

Facebook Free – Facebook Free Mode | How to Use Facebook with Zero Data or Bandwidth Charges

Facebook Free Mode is a Facebook package that helps users make use of the platform for free. This means that there are no charges on internet connection (data) used for accessing FB. It can be referred also as; Facebook Flex or Facebook Zero For this to happen, Facebook has to work with social networking service… Read More »