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Facebook Marketing Place – Facebook Marketing | Facebook Marketing Community

Facebook Marketing Place can be discussed in several forms and they are; Facebook Marketplace, Facebook Marketing Groups, and Facebook Marketing Community. All these contribute to the great power of Facebook in terms of marketing. Most social media platform have just one direct means of marketing but not FB. Using Facebook for marketing in one of… Read More »

Facebook Market – Facebook Marketing | Facebook Free Market Place

Facebook is a social market place which aids connectivity and increases awareness more than any other platform. Truth be told, Facebook is a global market that can aid in growing anything which is globally accepted. You may not know the power of your Facebook Timeline till you publish something on it. This is why FB… Read More »

Facebook Marketplace – How to Buy and Sell in Facebook Marketplace

Facebook Marketplace is a platform on Facebook that allows you to buy and sell things on Facebook. This is a marketplace like no other. I know you’ve used a lot of online platforms where you shop and sell stuff. Unlike what some online shops and online sales shops do, that is, focusing on either purchase… Read More »

Facebook Marketing 2019

Facebook Marketing 2019 involves more strategy than manpower. It is very vital I let you know that marketing is one thing that can easily take a twist that is, it isn’t static. Other platforms or search engines like Google always work on their optimization and if you are a blogger like me, you will discover… Read More »