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Add a Store to Facebook Page – Facebook Store | Facebook Store Page

If you are selling products on Facebook and you are looking for the perfect means to expand your reach and get more and more people buying, add a store to your Facebook Page. Just the same way you set up an online store, Facebook also gives you the opportunity to set up one. This is… Read More »

Setting Up a Facebook Store – For U.S. Accounts and Non-U.S. Accounts

Setting Up a Facebook Store isn’t really a difficult process just that some don’t have the idea that a U.S. Account differs from that of a Non-U.S. Accounts. From my last article, I taught you the procedures for starting a Facebook Store. Not to worry, I will leave the link at the end of this… Read More »

Facebook Store – How to Setup Your Facebook Store | FB Store

Facebook Store is an online store created on Facebook for business owners who are into sells (retailing). As a retailer, this is a perfect way to showcase your products. If you are just starting up a brand which requires you getting out your product into the market, setting up a Facebook Store is absolutely the… Read More »