Teen Parenting is a very important topic in the aspect of parenting. Most teen parents need rehabilitation right now in their life because of their circumstance. I sincerely ask they should not in any way be condemn. They are still humans like you and I. The fact they got into this is not a reason for justification.

Teen parenting Although, there are countries whereby, parents give their teen daughters out in marriage. I see this as inhuman because this young charms have a future to chase. Using Marriage as a road block should honestly be looked into by the authorities of that state or country. For some other teen parents, it happened as a mistake. The honest truth is that most of them do regret this but I urge the world not to rob it on their faces. My obligation today is to educate you that Teen Parenting can be made easier with understanding.

Challenges with Teen parenting

At my introduction to this article, it have briefed you on the challenges with Teen Parenting. These challenges have reasons stated behind them. And they are:

  • Undesired pregnancy
  • Teen marriages
  • Peer influence
  • Poor enlightenment


There they are, stated above. These are problems which must be tackled if we wish to put a stop to this. Let me expand more.

  • Undesired pregnancy build less love between parents and kids. Especially, if it seems like it put a stop to a vision or career.
  • I honestly do not support teen marriage. These teenagers a not properly built (physically and emotionally). Subjecting them to marriage is not advisable because they still need training in maturity.
  • Peer Influence causes teens to take certain unreasonable decision. It makes them forget they are parents and have responsibilities unlike their peers.
  • Poor enlightenment is to be worked on by the government of a nation. The better they know, the better they will become.

Things Teen Parents Need

Teen Parents need a whole lot to keep them going through life these include:

  • “Love” which is the most important. The more love they get, the more they will give to their kids.
  • Super supportive environment. It may be financial support, moral support, and emotional support.
  • Educational programs on parenting
  • Educational programs on how to go about life in this their young ages.

All these listed above can be given to them at individual’s wish. Like I said, “love” is the most important thing these teen parents need. I am also pushing this drive and I want others to please join me. By the way, I want to say a very big thank you to people who have taken this as a responsibility to help teen parents. Some have built homes were they take adequate care of these young parents.

Please do not despise them. If it’s your child who is a teen parent, be supportive and show him/her you truly care.

Rape As A Cause Of Teen Parenting

In parts of the world like Africa, rape has been a major issue that people face daily. Some of these teenagers have been victims of this atrocious act. It has caused a lot of unwanted pregnancies in this part of the world. The sad thing is, some of the victims can’t even identify the perpetrator of the act.  I call on the government of every state to do the following:

  • Tighten the security of the state
  • Establish strict laws against this
  • Punish defaulters squarely (A punishment that will make them afraid to carry out the act)
  • Public enlightenment on the dangers of this.


With all this stated above, am sure we can win the war against this.

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