To get your Latest games, movies, TV Shows, add-on, devices and lot more, get your Xbox Digital Gift Card. This digital gift card is issued by Microsoft to help user have an enjoyable time.

Xbox Digital Gift Card

Xbox Gift Card

  • No fee is required for it
  • Unlike some other gift cards, it has no date of expiration
  • You can’t apply the card in buying items from Xbox 360 marketplace
  • After purchasing one, be sure the currency used correlates with that on the recipients billing account
  • For you to access the funds, ensure that your country where you redeemed it matches with that on the billing account
  • The fund in your Microsoft account can’t be transferred when you redeem Xbox Digital Gift Card

How To Redeem Xbox Gift Card

Redeeming your Xbox Gift Card is not necessarily a big deal. It follows some simple steps which are;

  • Get on on your webpage
  • Login to your account (Microsoft account)
  • Select redeem code
  • Input the 25 character code from the mail sent

Once you’ve done all these, you can start enjoying full entertainment offered to you by Microsoft using your Xbox Gift Card

Where can I use Xbox Gift Card?

  • Xbox
  • Windows
  • Microsoft online
How to send Xbox Gift cards?

Sending Your Xbox Gift Card isn’t much of a problem. Follow these steps;

  • Get on your Microsoft Gift Card portal
  • Choose the gift card design you want
  • Select the amount range you are comfortable with (between $10 to $100)
  • Input the name and address of the recipient
  • Attach a message
  • Final, choose your date of delivery

Once it arrives, the recipient will receive a redemption code on his/her PC or Xbox One console. It is very important to note that this card isn’t a tangible (physical) card.

Where can I Buy Xbox Gift Card?

You can purchase your Xbox Digital Gift Card on the following platforms;

  • Amazon
  • PayPal
  • Wal-Mart
  • Game stop
Are Xbox gift card and Microsoft Gift Card the Same?

They are similar and this is why





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