6 Compulsory Games Your Kids Must Play to Become Great Investors

By | March 18, 2020

It is a universal truth that the best time to learn is during childhood, and whether you’re conscious of it or not, your kids will definitely pick up lessons whether good or bad from the type of environment and games they are exposed to. The best way to ensure that you’re building them up for that beautiful future you envision as a parent is to introduce them to habits that will subconsciously make them different and earn them wealth in their not so distant future.

Cash Flow for Kids (6+ years) (2+ players)

This is a game created by the renowned Author of the bestseller “Rich Dad, Poor Dad”, Robert Kiyosaki. It’s an animated and catchy board game which is created to instill some core values in kids just like the ones taught in the book. In the game, the aim is to step out of the “rat race” of society, by going around the board while collecting assets and liabilities. It creates the consciousness in them that there are some unnecessary expenses, by allowing them to make important everyday investment decisions which we make as adults. One thing that the game guarantees to trigger in them is Critical Thinking.

Games for Kids

Cover Your Assets (7+ years) (4-6 players)

You may be thinking of the title and wonder if it would make your kid think greedily, but no it won’t. Cover your assets teaches how to amass wealth by collecting matching cards and building a tower of assets. This game basically itemizes what assets and liabilities are and instills in them the basic concept of amassing or accumulating wealth.

Money Matters(7+years) (2-6 players)

Money matters happen to be a Christian finance board game, So if you’ve been looking out for a game that will teach your children the values of Christian finances, then this could be among your pick. The game teaches the values of being free from debt, as well as the difference between wants and needs. In the game, the players are to move around the board, collecting income and paying bills. Every player collects 14 envelopes, and whoever pays off every bill first wins the game. One thing the game guarantees to teach is intelligence in spending.

Go Venture (7+ years) (2-12 players)

This is one game that is full of lessons to be learned, hence it requires careful learning of the basics of the game. It is absolutely fun for kids as it engages them to run a business in a competitive environment as they negotiate with other players. It teaches basic entrepreneurship, negotiation, inventory management and investing.

Go for Broke (12+ years) (2-4 players)

This game is basically a dice game where each player is given one million dollars from the bank, as the game progresses, any player who goes bankrupt leaves the game. This continues until the last person emerges. In the game, donations to charity could be made, money could also be risked at the Stock Market or Casino. Although not all parents will endorse this game for their kids because of its features but that doesn’t take away the basic investment lessons to be learned.

Monopoly (8+ years) (2-6 players)

After thinking about putting this at the top of the list, on second thought I had to save my personal best for the last. Monopoly is a well-known game that you most likely have played. If you’re anything like me in playing monopoly, then I assume you have friends that will rather not play the game with you. Monopoly basically teaches how to be smart in acquiring assets and how to intelligently manage your financial space to avoid bankruptcy. It also teaches negotiation skills.

Having these games in your home and playing them occasionally with your kids will definitely sharpen their minds about investment, which will at least prepare them to seize important opportunities in the future.

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