Great Lagos – Eko, Land of Opportunities – Learn About Lagos

By | December 1, 2019

Lagos popularly known as “Eko” is the busiest state in Nigeria with a very large population of people both indigenous and non-indigenous. The name Lagos means “lake” was a name given to this great settlement by the Portuguese It was created on the 27th of May 1967 with Ikeja as its capital and a total number of 20 local government areas. The present Governor of Lagos state is Babajide Sanwo-Olu. Lagos is often referred to as the following

Great Lagos
  1. A land of vast opportunities
  2. A land filled with milk and honey
  3. A land of diverse infrastructure
  4. A land of many possibilities
  5. A land of different people with different styles
  6. A land of the entrepreneurs
  7. A land of fashion and design
  8. A land of the computer geniuses
  9. A land of rhythm and beauty.etc

In Nigeria today Lagos is the most talked-about state. It is a state amongst the 36 states of Nigeria and the most populated one at that. The name Eko was given to it by its first kind Oba Ado during its early history. Lagos is one of the smallest states in with a size of 3345 square kilometers but it’s the most populous state and also a major financial center.

The great Lagos has recorded the highest population density among all Nigerian states. A lot of Nigerians from other states come to Lagos in search of greener pastures. Lagos has a lot of companies and industries and so many other production outlets. We have various construction industries, manufacturing industries, entertainment industries and so much more. Lagos is not only the most populous city in Nigeria but it is also the most populous city in Africa and one of the fastest-growing cities in the world today. Lagos has two major parts, the island known as “isale Eko “and the mainland. There is a popular bridge known as the third mainland bridge that links Lagos mainland local government area and Lagos island local government area. Third mainland bridge is the third of the bridge that links these two locations together. While the other two bridges are the Eko bridge and the Carter bridge.

This are various companies in Lagos which includes

  • Faisal oil company limited
  • Seven-up bottling company limited
  • Dodson healthcare plc
  • Dandeo Nigeria company
  • Pfizer specialists limited
  • Elalan construction company
  • Efficacy construction company
  • Ayobami Nigeria company
  • Power holding company of Nigeria
  • Prime park industries Nigeria limited
  • Horivac company limited etc.

Asides this many companies Lagos has become the center of entertainment in Nigeria. The entertainment section of the economy has grown so much in Lagos state. A lot of people that have passion for entertainment have made their dreams become a reality in Lagos entertainment today. The major and biggest entertainment industries today are located in Lagos state.

Lagos state has produced a lot of musicians, actors, actresses’ dancers, fashion designers, photographers, makeup professionals, models, and comedians, etc.

The educational section is also not left out. Most school competitions and scholarship exams conducted during the years has shown that Lagos state students are always taking the lead. Lagos state has produced doctors, lawyers, engineers, accountants, business administrators and so many more. Here are some facts u need to know about Lagos

  • 80% of the country’s imports are handled by Lagos state
  • Nigerians Nollywood is centered in Lagos
  • It has the highest number of millionaires in Nigeria
  • The tallest building in West Africa is located in Lagos (Necom house towers)
  • Lagos state is an economic hub
  • It has the longest bridge in Africa
  • It has one of Africa’s busiest ports
  • It is the birthplace of many styles of music

Lagos is a melting pot of diverse and various cultural traditions with a lively growing act scene. It is a beautiful place and the center of attraction of Nigeria. Lagos is rich in development and diverse in culture. It has a beautiful and massive infrastructure. It has a standard road network and a spirit of hustle that motivates the people. The great Lagos is the center of excellence in Nigeria.

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