How to Win at Facebook Messenger Words With Friends

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Word With Friends is one of the most amazing games have come across in times past. The reason is, I love playing games not just because I want to have fun, I do play games to test and build my intellect and this game is one of such. Millions of players engage in playing this game and everyone wants to be a winner. It is actually a scrabble game and you know you could just take a break off anything you are doing for brain stimulation with this game. The same rules from scrabble apply; in fact, I call it the Facebook Messenger Scrabble game.Words With Friends

My friend was invited to play this game the other day by his friend who has been playing it and to his greatest surprise, he won. It’s more about intelligence guys.

Winning at Words With Friends

What makes you an excellent player on Words With Friends isn’t having more words to form but simply places those words in the right places. Here are tips to winning this game.

  • Saving Your S’ – This is very important because it can help you get a triple or double score when used to lengthen your words. It can also be used against your opponent by pluralizing your opponent’s words and take advantage of that to start another word.
  • Don’t Give Your Opponent the Upper Hand – When forming your words, be very careful not to form words that give your opponents a chance to add another word which can hit a triple or double score.
  • Use Simple Words – These are words that can give you a boost but leave your opponent confused on what to do as they hardly give options on words to add to get a triple or double score.


Understanding the above and applying them will change the face of your game. It is intelligence that matters when it comes to dealing with your opponent.

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